Boise Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons boise

The guitar is one of our favorite go-to instruments.  We see great value in having an "axeman" (or woman!) at every musical gathering.  We love seeing the instrumental diversity when it comes to guitars in our studio.  While we primarily focus on 6 string acoustic, we can give you some pointers on classical, 12 string acoustic, electric guitar, Dobro, and electric bass, too.  We're happy to provide the best collaborative guitar lessons Boise has to offer!

*We also offer "Lefty Friendly" mirrored instruction for our beloved "southpaws."

Now Accepting Beginning & Progressing Guitar Students: All Ages Welcome!

At Boise Music Lessons, our guitarists get a healthy dose of:

  • Chord strumming and finger picking
  • Note reading
  • Scale-based improvisation
  • Singing and strumming basics
  • Live performance skills

As with all instruments, at your guitar lessons we'll provide a foundation of note reading, functional theory, ear training, and musical collaboration and communication.

No instrument?  No problem!  We have  a few available for rent, or check out our Guitar Buyer's Guide for tips on finding an instrument that is right for you!

Questions? Comments? Please send us a message and we'll get back to you before you can say - hootenanny!