Cajón Lessons Boise

Cajon lessons boise

The cajón, commonly referred to as a "box drum" is a versatile percussion instrument. This dynamic drum is used for a variety of musical styles, and its portability and low cost makes it a great choice for small venues, camping trips, and back porch jams.

Now Accepting Beginning & Progressing Cajón Students: All Ages Welcome!

At Boise Music Lessons, our cajón players get a healthy dose of:

  • Rhythm reading
  • Basic percussion techniques
  • Collaboration and musicianship
  • Performance skills
  • Instrument micing and live playing techniques

As with all instruments, at your cajón lessons we provide a foundation of note reading, functional theory, ear training, and musical collaboration and communication.

No instrument?  No problem!  Check out our Cajón Buyer's Guide for tips on finding an instrument that is right for you!  Ready to join in on the fun?  Enroll today!

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