At Boise Music Lessons, we’ve created a model to maximize learning, musical growth, and most of all: community.  This can’t be accomplished by taking a lesson here and there.  Our students don’t dabble; instead they become Studio Members and reap the benefits of ongoing music education.

Our Members have access to the unique perspective and knowledge of two established music educators with complementary skill sets.  Angie and Marcus share this perspective at personalized lessons to further your technical skills on your instrument of emphasis, and at group Hootenannies to make you an awesome musician and performer.

We have multiple Studio Membership levels available based on the lesson length and number of students attending.  Click on the lesson to learn more!

  • Solo30 minutes of one-on-one
  • Epic Solo60 minutes of one-on-one – for students who want to level up their technical abilities, or emphasize in multiple instruments
  • Tagalong30 minutes with an adult student + youngster in tow
  • Tandem60 minutes of one-on-two – bring your sibling, parent, spouse, friend, barber, dog walker, etc. for maximum learning through collaboration and observation
  • Family Truckster60 minutes of one-on-many– for those who want the whole gang to learn together

Ready to jam with us?  Check out our enrollment info!

Questions? Comments? Please send us a message and we’ll get back to you before you can say – hootenanny!